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Hello Pastor Dave my name is cynthia, am from South Africa, I want to say a big "thank you" to you for all the great things God has been using you to do in my life, your post on social media, your website, your teaching, your prayers and words of encouragement has been a been a blessing to me and my family, God bless you sir, let us know when you will be visiting South Africa

Good day sir it is Brother IfanyiChukwu from lagos, Nigeria, I was in one of your ministration in Nigeria some time last year and you gave a prophetic declaration that a certain wind of financial blessings is about to blow into somebody's life and I held unto that prophetic word and sowed a "seed of faith" with all the money I have that day and some months later i won a goverment contract that transformed my life, family and business, you are truly a man of God, thank you very much sir .

My Man of God, you are a blessing to this generation, my name is Sister Juliet from Nigeria, I was in one of your meetings and was one of the sick people you prayed for, at that time I was having a chronic stomach ulcer and severe back pains and that day you prayed for me the back pains ceased and some days later i was healed of the stomach ulcer, praise Jesus, halleliyah!!!, God bless you sir and keep up the good works.

Hello Pastor I am Eunice and I live in canada, I really appreciate what God is doing through you, I have been going through your website "Hopeoutreach" and have been so much blessed by the wonderful things on the websites especially the "Blessing test" it has really helped me to stay focus on God, the "spiritual check-up" is very good too I love them, please keep up the good work, I am learning so much from you, you are my role model, God bless you and your family in Jesus name amen!

M.O.G top of the day to you sir, how is your family and the ministry? I want to give all glory to God and to say thank you for coming to Greece, your preaching and prayers really blessed my life and ministry, your ministrations imparted my life so much, every prophetic word you gave to me came to pass, I and my Family are very happy to know you, God bless you and keep on shining and preaching the gospel of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ

if this ministry has been a blessing to you please let us know, use the information on the contact page to reach us

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